About Us

Force began its operation in the year 2001 and it is one of the leading companies in the field of kitchen appliances including oven, hood, Gas Hob, microwave, Coffee Machine and sink. The company gradually expanded the scope of its activities, so that today is one of the largest and most reputable importers and manufacturers of Italian kitchen appliance parts in the world.

The company's commitment is to innovate and protecting Force superior quality products as well as to establish a constant contact with the industry experts and consultants. Thus, according to performances confirmation and verification of Global and European standards such as, SGS, CE and quality assurance ISO9001-9002, ISO 2008, ISO10001-10002 has been followed.

Development policies, use of modern methods related to utilization management and customer relationship, developing of comprehensive system information for products distribution in advanced networking based on new techniques are the main objectives of the company and always trying to give a better service to its customers.
The company ties to maintain and improve products in high quality. Using modern technology has increased public interest in Global market and consumer demand.